About us

NuMuvee Hungary Ltd. is an ambitious production company with great enthusiasm. We started our business in 2011, but we'd been developing our idea since 2009. We are committed to true entertainment, and as such, we are here to produce movies, TV shows and organize related events. The company also has a moderate media portfolio in Hungary, under our brand called nexttimes.

If you are a format genius, do not hesitate to contact us: send your idea anytime to numuvee@numuvee.com (being lucky or genius enough, you can meet us in Budapest, Luxembourg, Miami, New York or Paris). We don't like to exclude any ideas, but to give you a clue, these are our main interests: game show, quiz show, reality, docu-reality, or anything to fill early fringe, prime access, prime time or late-prime. We accept fiction as well, but please, keep in mind that lots of ideas are around, so it has to be original and something really cool. We believe that your talent and our passion makes a great couple.

Your talent. Our passion.

We inspire, entertain, persuade and innovate. If we don't find quality entertainment to bring to life, we develop it. We don't believe in conventional categories, so we define ourselves not only by the unconventional stories we create but by the innovative ways in which we bring them to life.

We chose the well-known format "Intervilles International" - also known as "The Biggest Gameshow of the World" - to be our first production. In partnership with the format rights holder, Mistral Production (France), we managed to bring the production to Hungary. Besides, we produced the localized series for Media Support and Asset Management Fund on behalf of one of its assets, Hungarian Television Plc.

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Our Clients

  • MTVA - Media Support and Asset Management Fund
  • RTL Hungary
  • TV2 Group

Our Partners

  • Audio, video, light equipment
  • Staging
  • Studios & Facilities
  • Accommodation